Themes and Plugins preinstalled by ITS

The non-editable themes as below are included in the WordPress CMS supported by ITS. Users are able to create child theme to do own-customization, or add the self-created theme and those themes purchased online to the website.

Theme name Version Description License
default1.7.2 The default WordPress theme that graced version 1.7.2 to version 2.9, based on the famous Kubrick. N/A
Twenty twenty2.1WordPress default theme for 2020 N/A
Twenty twenty one1.7WordPress default theme for 2021  N/A
Twenty twenty two1.3WordPress default theme for 2022N/A
Twenty twenty three1.0WordPress default theme for 2023N/A

The following non-editable plugins are pre-installed and pre-configured by ITS in the WordPress CMS. Users are able to install any self-created plugin or those plugins purchased online to the website.

Plugin nameVersionDescriptionLicense
admin-tools1.3.9Prepare the Admin interfaceGPLv2
block-specific-plugin-updates3.3Protect ITS’ pluginN/A
hide-admin-bar0.4.7Hide Admin BarN/A
mainwp-child4.4.1For ITS to manage users’ WordPressGPLv2
wp-native-php-sessions1.3.5Implements PHP’s native session handlers GPLv2
daggerhart-openid-connect-generic3.9.1OpenID Connect for HKUPortal loginGPLv2
Make sure your plugins and themes are compatible with newer PHP versions.
plugin-vulnerabilities2.0.68Alerts you when exploited vulnerabilities GPLv2
remove-dashboard-access-for-non-admins1.1.5Limit Dashboard access GPLv2
tuxedo-big-file-uploads2.1.1Enables large file uploads in media uploaderGPLv2
wp-security-audit-log4.5.2Security LogGPLv2
Reconfigures the wp_mail() function to SMTP
wp-private-content-plus3.4Advanced private content restrictions GPLv2